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The Seattle Jaycees is a professional and personal development organization which provides young people with leadership and management training through community service and individual development.  We are devoted to community and individual involvement.


More than a service organization, Jaycees offers men and women ages 18 to 40 the opportunity for skill building and the satisfaction of helping and being part of a team.  Members can reach their fullest potential at home, at work, and as concerned contributors to their community.  They make contacts that open doors for more successful careers and the friendships developed last a lifetime.  Many find the time they spent involved in Jaycee projects to be the most satisfying of their lives.  Jaycee programs and projects are designed to benefit the individual member and the community.  Both prosper because Jaycee activities bring about an improved quality of life for everyone involved.


Vision Statement:  "To be the leading global network of active young citizens."


Mission Statement:  "To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change."


Come join the Seattle Jaycees at our

Date:  June 13th, 2016
Time:  7:00 PM
Location: tentatively ACME Bowl (Tukwila)

We will be discussing upcoming projects, and community events!! We will be giving members and prospective members a chance to give their input on projects or events they would like to see the Seattle Jaycees do throughout 2016.  Dinner and non-alcoholic beverages are provided.  Come out and have some fun!!

For more information, please contact Jacob Winkler


Contact Tara Winkler for more information
or visit our Events Calendar
**Information on National Events can be seen below**

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and exciting project started by the Seattle Jaycees**

This June come join members of the GREAT AMERICAN INSTITUTE (GAI) in LAS VEGAS at the 4 QUEENS HOTEL and CASINO, as the HAWAII JAYCEES host the 2016 GAI ANNUAL MEETING!!!  HERE you will find the REGISTRATION FORM and the AGENDA is HERE!
Dates:  Fri., June 3rd to Sun., June 5th
2016 JCI USA National Summit

JCI USA National Summit gives members the opportunity to work with other organizations, businesses and partners to build resolutions creating positive change in the world.  This conference also provides the tools young people need to understand how government works and how to work it to a chapter's advantage. Elected officials can be a chapter's best friend when it comes to finding projects to undertake and the resources to accomplish them.  

We spend the day hearing from amazing  speakers on important topics facing today's young people.


The 2016 JCI USA National Summit will focus on these topics:


Build on the momentum for climate action. Climate change poses a threat to virtually every aspect of human endeavor.


Health and Wellness. Discussing eradication of disease. A focus on health and well-being in general.


Poverty and Homelessness. Collaborating with organizations to work towards root causes and eradication.


Harness the data revolution for sustainable development. Good data is the foundation for good policies, programs, and decisions that can solve global problems. We must work together to close data gaps, improve data collection, and harness the data we have to advance sustainable development.


Grow the community working for global change. Sticking with the status quo won't solve global problems -- we need new ideas and new partners.


Prioritize the rights and needs of girls and women. Empowering girls and women is not only a human rights obligation, it is key to advancing sustainable development. The new Sustainable Development Goals framework enshrines this notion, recognizing that progress for girls and women will drive progress for everyone.


Register now for the 2016 National Summit in Washington DC from June 12-13.  Registration closes June 6, 2016.


2016 JCI USA Annual Meeting


The Annual Meeting is a conference of fellowship, friendship, education, and fun!

At this meeting:

  • The association honors Outstanding Young Americans, which is the Jaycees' signature event and highlight of the conference.
  • Members reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and benefit from classes, trainings and general sessions.

Register now for the 2016 National Meeting in Detroit, Michigan from September 22-25.